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Golden Wave is a leading international hospitality recruitment and executive search firm. We have recruitment experience in hotels, resorts, restaurants, spa, private clubs, casinos and private clients. Our hospitality industry clients include properties and facilities in every part of Europe especially in Greece, Spain, Egypt, Italy and Bulgaria . Golden Wave recruits staff from 18 to 35 years to employ in tourist villages and resorts . Golden Wave is an international agency recognized by European legislation. Our employees are hire with a regular work permit. These are the roles required: Entertainers, Pizza & Pasta Chef, Receptionist, Guest Relation, Front Office Agent, Public Relation. Knowledge of a foreign language is a very important requirement (English, German, French, Russian, Dutch or Scandinavian). Flight ticket round trip plus food & accommodation included. Availability of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6 months. Only for European citizenship holders. Please apply with your cv in English with picture by filling out the form in our website and send your curriculum vitae , stating in the subject for which kind of position do you apply for. Candidacy without headshot or full body pictures will not be considered. For more information on dates and locations of the interviews, please contact the human resources department. Visit our New website www.animatorhoteljobs.com 



ENTERTAINERS  work can be a small team of 4-5 or a large team of 20-30 people. has its own responsibilities during the day. You can organize sports or fitness to work with children or simply communicate with the guests of the hotel. In every team there is a lead animator or a team leader. This person will guide you during working hours, will organize the program for the entire team and will help to solve problems. There is also the evening program as part of our job. There may be a wide range of entertainment dance performances, comedy shows, game shows, dancing with children, professional shows. You do not speed experience to be an animator. But you definitely need to be active and friendly person!

HEAD ANIMATOR,TEAM LEADER or SUPERVISOR with experience: Manage the entire team of animation work and organize the hotel's entertainment program.

SPORT ANIMATOR with or without experience the organization of sports activities within the hotelhttp://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png (beach volleyball, soccer, table tennis, darts, water polo, etc.)

FITNESS with or without experience the organization of fitness activities within the hotel (stretching, fitness, yoga, aerobics, dance lessons, water aerobics, etc.)

MINI CLUB with or without experience the organization of activities for children within the hotel (games, dances, sports, etc.)

CHOREOGRAPHERS or DANCERS with experience preparing for evening shows, dance lessons.

DJ or LIGHTS AND SOUND TECHNICIANS with or without experience: taking care of sound and light during the evening shows and daily activities.

SET DESIGNERS or DECORATORS with experience.



Animation Tourism Service Golden Wave. Very often the organization of an event can not be separated from the choice of background music, or even a real band of performance artists. Depending on your preferences and need, we propose singers, group, DJs, vocalist, who will cheer the event with live bands, revival, commercial, dance or any other type of music. We will prepare and we set the path with the sound and the light needed to create the right atmosphere, in line with the event. In most cases, the organization of an event, a conference, a meeting, an exhibition, a show or a fashion show, requires the presence of figures such as stewardesses and hostesses.We provide personal, carefully selected, reliable and qualified, able to carry out their duties with courtesy and professionalism elegance. 


Experts in public relations , Deejays, Vocalists, Singers, Dancers.




Job in Tourism Golden Wave. Upload your Curriculum Vitae and be part of hotel indusrty. This is other roles required:  




Knowledge of a foreign language is a very important requirement (English, German, French, Russian, Dutch or Scandinavian).



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