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Golden Wave "Animation Tourism Service" is a leading international hospitality recruitment and executive search firm. Golden Wave has recruitment experience in hotels, resorts, restaurants, spa, private clubs, casinos and private clients. Our hospitality industry clients include properties and facilities in every part of Europe especially in Greece, Spain, Egypt, Italy and Bulgaria. Golden Wave "Animation Tourism Service" recruits Entertainers Abroad, Hotel Animators, Receptionist, Guest Relation, Pasta and Pizza Chefs to be employed in villages and resorts.

Golden Wave " Animation Tourism Service "

Golden Wave Service is an international entertainment agency of touristic assistance, recognized by the European Legislation, which hire Touristic Entertainers with regular working permission. Golden Wave "Animation Tourism Service" is an Agency originates from years of experience of tourism animation professional, is specialized in designing, planning and organizing entertainers staff of touristic hotels and resorts. Our company trains and develops staff in the field of Hotel Animation for any type of touristic accomodation. Our Touristic Entertainers has the common goal of having fun making people have fun. We deal directly with the selection and training of youth, we choose carefully according to criteria of absolute versatility and providing helpful assistance. 

Our headquarters are located in different European cities in order to provide jobs in tourism to entertainers who have knowledge of different languages. The staff selected are invited to overcome the process of training before they can reach our facilities. The selection procedure of Golden Wave, is specially designed by a pool of experts, aims to train the staff, through its free internships, where the entertainers are trained and put to the "test" on all the activities of touristic entertainment. Golden Wave " Animation Tourism Service" look after the constant professional development of their leaders and the various department heads through meetings, training courses and specialization. It also organizes and conducts training courses for innovative activities in the field of fitness, mini club and coaching for Managers of Tourism Animation. Golden Wave "Animation Tourism Service" is able to produce any type of entertainment such as cabaret or musicals, to customized evenings and theme parties. Our programs are innovative and never standardized, our goal is training staff and designed team according to the characteristics of each structure. Golden Wave "Animation Tourism Service" is far from the usual entertainment programs, we create a tailored product and unique animation style. Moreover we have specialized staff dedicated to the production and management of costumes, set designs as well as the assembly and adjustment of audio, lighting and amphitheaters. Golden Wave is an Touristic entertainment agency specialized as well in organizing events, parties and festivals with animation. 

Golden Wave "Animation Tourism Service" recruits entertainers from 18 up to 30 years of age to be employed in villages and resorts in Italy and abroad for the summer season 2017 .These are the roles required: entertainment managers, sport animators, mini club animators, deejays, sound & light technicians, dancers, singers, fitness instructors, choreographers and stage designers. It is not necessary previous experience but are appreciated related licences or certificates. Knowledge of a foreign language is a very important requirement (English, German, French, Russian, Dutch or Scandinavian). Availability of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6 months. Only for European citizenship holders. We are looking as well for groups or even professional artists such as magicians, fakirs, dance groups and many others to be included in our touristic infrastructures. Send us video materials, photos and description of your arts through this website. Work with us, enter your CV in English in our database by filling out the form you can find on our website. Candidacy without headshot or full body pictures will not be considered.  

  Our strength is the ability to adapt to the needs of various touristic facilities and types of customers, backed up by years of work in 3.4 stars hotels, villages and residences. We regularly supervise which are the requirements of our customers and all the activities that we propose, ensuring a steady job.

GOLDEN WAVE "Animation Tourism Service" is a company recognized by the European Community. Visit our new website www.animatorhoteljobs.com